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Bio for Mary Anne Brugnoni

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I love to draw.  Started working as a graphic designer immediately out of college.  Five years later, I started my own graphic design firm.

One of my favorite clients had an ugly lobby. During meetings, I’d  mention the dated

lobby.  A year later, they hired me to redesign the lobby, conference room, and employee lounge — to complement their new corporate branding.  It was the most fun I ever had — working.


That experience sent me back to school for Interior Design.  I loved the space planning aspects of design and how it could dramatically improve a space.  After gutting so many kitchens and bathrooms for my own family, I focused on  kitchen and bath design for my clients. Clever space planning can make a tiny bathroom or awkward kitchen live better. Nothing is more satisfying than watching a client get excited seeing their space transformed with 3-D drawings and redesigned floor plans.

Call me.  585-264-9964.  Let's improve your space!

585.264.9964 office

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