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Spa Bathroom

The homeowners' master bath was tiny, with a corner sink and a wide floating medicine cabinet.  We swapped the tub for a shower and reorganized the floorplan with a neutral color palette and expansive vanity mirror. The custom vanity has a blow dryer drawer with an outlet inside. Three recessed niches, trimmed in Corian were created for shower storage.  The top niche is backed with a mirror for shaving in the shower.   

PHOTOGRAPHY by Chris Lyons

The top niche is mirrored for shaving in the shower.

The tiled floor wraps up the wall to create a seamless backsplash and flows into the shower, eliminating the threshold.  A fixed glass panel replaces the original shower doors.  We added a medicine cabinet & removed the door access into the family room.

Custom vanity, wide mirror expands the space visually.
shower fixtures & glass panel
Mid-century custom vanity with cool toilet
Linear drain with curbless shower.
Curbless shower!  White Medicine cabinet


Original medicine cabinet
Original tub
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